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    Paul Whitman   


income generation

capital preservation

In a nutshell, we specialize in legacy planning. We guide our clients towards a secure financial future so they can enjoy life with less worries. 


Our approach is holistic. Clients benefit from housing all major financial needs under one roof with an advisor confidently described as a loyal ally. We are committed to the long game and we are in it to win it. We are independent registered investment advisors focusing on portfolio management, life insurance and estate planning. 

George III and his daughter Ashley are the fourth & fifth generations of Chapmans to deliver peace of mind to clients since 1886. We are fiduciaries. We put our clients’ needs ahead of our own.

from our family tree to yours

George Jr. said, "Our main goal is for clients to sleep at night." Chapman & Chapman Advisors has aggressively gone to bat for our clients for over 130 years.


Clients greenlight every transaction before it is made. Our compensation is transparent: fee-based for investments and commission-based for insurance. We don't make any moves for clients that we wouldn't make for ourselves- we eat our own cooking.


Our specialty is to strengthen the monetary limbs of your family tree. The moral of the story is we have been perfecting our craft for generations, and heritage is the cornerstone of our culture.


Paul Whitman



1854 - 1939

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1885 - 1971

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1917 - 2012





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In 2020 the SEC set a mandate that all investment advisors include this form on their website. The Client Relationship Summary (CRS) gives a clear description of fees in order to protect clients and potential clients. We are pleased to share ours.


For more information about our services and fees, see our Client Relationship Summary Form

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